Ignited Entrepreneur


Ignited Entrepreneur

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The Ignited Entrepreneur is not your typical how-to book. It's an audacious approach to inspiring entrepreneurs to rise up, take risks, and unlock the amazing ideas already building inside of you!

The Ignited Entrepreneur speaks to the heart and mind of the business person, not just recycling the latest business strategies and rhetoric. Read on to explore:

- "What's next" in team work, leadership, networking, and collaborating.
- What to look out for before and after starting your venture.
- Why it's vital to be authentic as a leader.
- Ideas about managing your tendencies for control and stress.
- Learn about your superpowers.
- The bliss and challenge of Entrepreneurialism
- Funny, informative, inspiring stories

Whether you're igniting a new dream, or dusting off an old one, experience the transformation and breakthrough needed to create you new business or to see your existing business soar into a whole new paradigm of success. 

The stories and anecdotes in The Ignited Entrepreneur are cleverly-written by two business women and friends who have blazed their own trail to success, coaching thousands along the way by being unconventional and unapologetic for wanting to change the world, one entrepreneur at a time.

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